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Uploaded High Quality Gang Sheets

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22x12 $13.79 $0.00 $13.79
22x24 $27.58 $0.00 $27.58
22x36 $41.37 $0.00 $41.37
22x48 $55.09 $0.00 $55.09
22x60 $68.88 $0.00 $68.88
22x72 $82.67 $0.00 $82.67
22x84 $96.46 $0.00 $96.46
22x96 $110.25 $0.00 $110.25
22x108 $124.04 $0.00 $124.04
22x120 $137.83 $0.00 $137.83
22x132 $151.55 $86.38 $65.17
22x240 $275.59 $157.09 $118.50
22x480 $551.18 $314.17 $237.01
22x960 $1102.36 $628.35 $474.01
22x1080 $1240.19 $706.91 $533.28
22x1200 $1377.95 $785.43 $592.52

Are you looking to bring your gang sheets to life? Look no further! With our cutting-edge service, you can easily upload your meticulously designed gang sheets created in either Canva or Photoshop, and watch them transform into vibrant prints.

Maximize your creativity and go big with a maximum print width of 22 inches wide! Simply select your desired height, and we'll handle the rest. But wait, there's more!



To ensure a seamless experience, please note the following guidelines:

  1. File Formats: For optimal results, we accept high-quality gang sheets in either PNG or SVG format. Please ensure your files are of the highest resolution.

  2. File Size: Keep in mind that the maximum file size per upload is 500MB. We recommend compressing your files if necessary to ensure a smooth upload process. If your file is bigger than this please email us the file and we will send you a quote.

  3. Resolution: To guarantee exceptional print quality, we require gang sheets to be submitted in 300DPI (dots per inch) resolution. This ensures every detail is vividly captured.

Once you've successfully uploaded your gang sheets, it's time to press them into DTF (Direct to Film) prints. Our expert team will take care of this intricate process, ensuring your designs are replicated flawlessly.

So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your creativity, upload your gang sheets, and let us handle the rest. Experience the convenience, quality, and affordability of "Upload Your Gang Sheets Here" today!