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Refunds And Reprints

We offer direct to film prints and our business relies on happy clients. Therefore we offer generous credit and refund terms for our clients. Before applying for a refund, please read below and make sure you are aware of the conditions that do not qualify. If you do not see it here then you are most likely entitled to a credit or refund based on the event.

1. Printing has started and not shipped: Please allow us time to get your order perfect. If the order is processing and prints are out and scheduled for delivery then we cannot grant you a refund.

2. Poor quality due to image: Our program will notify you of poor quality and will still allow you to process if you would like. We will print it to the dimensions that are set by you in the program so it is up to you to upload only high quality images based on your size. Please use an ai tool like letsenhance if you do not have high quality pngs or jpegs.

3. Design is wrong: if your design is wrong and has already been printed then we cannot grant a refund. We print exactly what is uploaded so please make sure to double check everything before moving forward with your order. Mirrored images will be printed mirrored, so do not mirror your images before uploading, our program will automatically mirror them so that you get exactly what you order. 

4. You pressed/ironed the garment or product and it peeled incorrectly: We pride ourselves in making sure your products apply well. If you follow the instructions in your manual received then you will not have problems applying the prints. 

5. You pressed the garment too long and it discolored the image. Please pay attention to the times and tempatures on our FAQ page

6. Color difference: Our printers convert your images from RGB to CYMK. It does a good job at managing the color conversions, however bright blues, purples, greens, and pinks may come differently because of these conversions. We do not give refunds based on slight color differentiations. 


Shipping Problems:

Our estimates for shipping time are only estimates and not in any way a guarantee of when you will receive your prints. If your prints do not arrive on time or you are on a time crunch for prints, please reach out to us so we can help. We do not provide refunds for late packages that are not our fault.

Missing items are considered as reprintable as long as the tracking says it was delivered, if the package is lost by the post office then we can not grant reprints until a formal case is submitted and you provide us with a reference number for that case. To open a formal missing package case with the following companies you can visit the links below.


Used Items and Supplies:

Returns: We offer free returns on used items within 14 days as long as they are returned in the same condition. After this period, no refunds or exchanges are permitted. 

if none of these apply, please reach out to us and we will help you!