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Master the Art of Pressing Clothes with SuperDTF's Easy Guide


Welcome to SuperDTF's ultimate guide on pressing your clothing! Whether you're dealing with poly material, tri-blends, or cotton, we've got you covered with precise settings and techniques to ensure your clothes look professionally pressed every time.

Section 1: Pressure Settings

"Optimal Pressure Settings for Perfect Pressing"
  • Press:
    • 60 Lbs of Pressure: Ideal for all types of materials to ensure even pressing without damaging the fabric.

Section 2: Heat Settings

"Heat Settings for Different Materials"

  1. Poly Material:
    • Temperature: 275°F or 135°C
    • Duration: 10 Seconds
    • Perfect for maintaining the integrity of poly fabrics while removing wrinkles effectively.
  2. Tri-Blend:
    • Temperature: 275°F or 135°C
    • Duration: 10 Seconds
    • Ensures a smooth finish on tri-blend fabrics without overheating.
  3. 50/50 Cotton Poly:
    • Temperature: 300°F or 150°C
    • Duration: 12 Seconds
    • Achieve crisp lines on mixed fabrics with this precise setting.
  4. 100% Cotton Material:
    • Temperature: 325°F or 160°C
    • Duration: 10-15 Seconds
    • Ideal for 100% cotton, balancing heat and time for a perfect press.

Section 3: Peel Instructions

"Step-by-Step Peel Instructions for a Flawless Finish"
  1. Immediate Peel:
    • Peel Slowly From Corner Immediately After Pressing to ensure the material sets properly.
  2. Post-Peel Pressing:
    • Once the film is removed, press with Teflon to eliminate sheen and enhance the fabric's texture.
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