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Q: What is this site? 

A: SuperDTF.Com is a website that allows you to upload designs using our program, and have them print them for you so that they can be pressed on products like shirts, canvas tote bags, hoodies, and more!

Q: How do I use my prints?

A: A heat press is the best way to apply our prints. At a heat temperature of 350 degrees for 10-15 seconds

Q: How does DTF work?

A: Dtf works by having a specialized printer print ink into a design, spread a polymer powder onto that design, shake the excess off, then having the powder melted onto the ink to bind them together. The print is then aligned and pressed usually onto a cloth product and the film that the design was printed on is peeled off to leave you with the design on said product.

Q: Why should I choose DTF?

A: We asked ourselves this question many times before settling on this method. The reason that you should choose DTF over DTG or white toner is because these reasons.

1. No cracking when stretched unlike toner prints

2. more wash cycles without fading unlike DTG

3. Super high quality details on DTF prints

4. Store the prints for later use

5. No more print shops