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Uploaded Puff Print Pre-Cut Vinyl Sheet

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Our newest addition to our website is our precut vinyl. You can pick from a variety of different types including glow in the dark, glitter, holographic, and matte/shiny materials. This vinyl is set for one color so you while you can upload multicolor images, the image that you upload will be traced and cut using a single color. To achieve multicolor in this vinyl selection, you must add multiple color sheets from the ones available with your artwork uploaded to that specific vinyl in order to have multiple colors. 

This vinyl is not pre-weeded and will come pre cut to your door or be available for pickup. We do not weed your designs at this time, but plan on adding that as a service in the future.

Tips for Uploading and Designs:

1. Upload your gang sheet in PNG or PDF format preferably 

2. Realize that the more details, the more time it will take to weed. Very small parts of a design will cut, but may be difficult to remove so keep that in mind.

3. A gang sheet should be designed and exported in 300 DPI minimum for best results.

4. Your designs should be all black or single color for best results. This allows very high trace results. Your sheet will be converted to all black before cutting and we will reach out to you if we experience any issues with your designs. 


Press Instructions:


Application Instructions (Heat Press):
• Preheat garment for 2-3 seconds.
• Apply design at 305°F / 150°C
(Cricut EasyPress® users add approx. 30°).
• Use medium pressure for 10-15 seconds.
• Peel Film hot or cold



You are qualified for a full refund for your vinyl in the case that we have not cut your order, or it has some major defect that makes it unusable. We do not grant refunds once the vinyl has been cut, or if the vinyl has been pressed incorrectly. You will be offered the opportunity to have your vinyl recut if there is something wrong with it, if you do not want it recut then we will send you new sheets with your designs.