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Custom DIY Build a Gang Sheet Direct To Film (DTF) Transfers

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Build your own Gang Sheet

 Pricing Sheet:

Size Price Discount Discounted Price
22x12 $13.79 $0.00 $13.79
22x24 $27.58 $0.00 $27.58
22x36 $41.37 $0.00 $41.37
22x48 $55.09 $0.00 $55.09
22x60 $68.88 $0.00 $68.88
22x72 $82.67 $0.00 $82.67
22x84 $96.46 $0.00 $96.46
22x96 $110.25 $0.00 $110.25
22x108 $124.04 $0.00 $124.04
22x120 $137.83 $0.00 $137.83
22x132 $151.55 $86.38 $65.17
22x240 $275.59 $157.09 $118.50

Discover the ultimate way to customize your wardrobe with SUPER DTF! We are your go-to print shop for high-quality prints that will elevate your style to the next level. With our end-to-end solutions, you can keep your favorite prints on hand for whenever you need them. Our rolls are made to order and up to 23"/60CM wide, with gang printing available.

Our prints can be applied to a wide range of products, including shirts, hoodies, hats, tote bags, and so much more! Our prints are of super high quality and start at just $5 per square foot, making them a fraction of the price compared to other places like Supacolor.

We take pride in our work and want you to be satisfied with your purchase. Before sending us your designs, please ensure they are free of imperfections and high-resolution files. If you need help removing the background, just let us know in your order notes or send an email to

Our DTF prints are eco-friendly and use pet film for our DTF printers. You can easily apply our graphics to high thread count polyester or cotton by following the instructions on our website. We offer worldwide shipping that takes only 10-15 business days. Shipping within the United States is even faster, taking only 2-3 business days via priority mail.

At SUPER DTF, we value our clients and take pride in providing exceptional customer service. We offer generous credit and refund terms to ensure our clients are happy with their orders. You can also find us on Etsy for your convenience.

Upgrade your wardrobe and make a statement with our full-color heat press transfers, full-color heat transfer paper, full-color iron-on transfers, and full-color screen print transfers. Order today and see the SUPER DTF difference!


For polyester high thread count: Press firmly at 275 Degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 seconds, let cool for 90-120 seconds and peel from the bottom left corner. Press again at same temperature for 10 seconds with a teflon sheet for a shiny soft appearance.

For cotton high thread count: Press firmly at 325 Degrees Fahrenheit for 10-15 seconds, let cool for 60 seconds and peel from the bottom left corner. Press again at same temperature for 10 seconds with a teflon sheet for a shiny soft appearance and better adhesion for superior washing results.


Worldwide: 5-7 Business Days


Please see Our Refund Guide and Cancellation Policies To Be informed before you Place Your order. We do not refund orders for low-quality images that we print based on what is uploaded by clients.

Refund Guide:

We offer direct-to-film prints and our business relies on happy clients. Therefore we offer generous credit and refund terms for our clients. Before applying for a refund, please read below and make sure you are aware of the conditions that do not qualify. If you do not see it here then you are most likely entitled to a credit or refund based on the event.

1. Printing has started and not shipped: Please allow us time to get your order perfect. If the order is processing and prints are out and scheduled for delivery then we cannot grant you a refund.

2. Poor quality due to image: Our program will notify you of poor quality and will allow you to process if you want. We will print it to the dimensions that are set by you in the program so it is up to you to upload only high-quality images based on your size. Please use an ai tool like letsenhance if you do not have high-quality pngs or jpegs.

3. Design is wrong: if your design is wrong and has already been printed then we cannot grant a refund.

4. You pressed/ironed the garment or product and it peeled incorrectly: We pride ourselves in making sure your products apply well. If you follow the instructions in your manual received then you will not have problems applying the prints.

if none of these apply, please reach out to us and we will help you!